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About Us

With over a decade as a key player in the education sector, we have focussed primarily only on enhancing schooling and learning outcomes of children. Our innovative products and solutions serve several million Indian private school going children, educators, and parents every day.

We have partnered with over 2500+ schools, across India serving CBSE, ICSE, State-board and IB curriculum. Today, we are proud to have taken our services far and wide through India's terrain - from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Our solutions range from a combination of digital services essential for a school such as academic performance and reports, secure fee collection, LMS, live classrooms and assignments, GPS tracked transport management, payroll, substitution management and more.

We customise each of our solutions so that it caters to students' in-school and after-school learning and takes care of teachers' additional activities. We strongly believe it takes 'three to tango' (School-Student-Parent) and we act as a pivot to help them thrive. We hope to increase the bandwidth and revolutionise the role of teachers by helping them focus only on knowledge sharing while we continue to lift the load for them.


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