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Combines the power of Neverskip’s best-in-class ERP with PowerSchool’s industry-leading solutions to create a unified technology platform for schools.

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Redefine Success With PowerSchool Neverskip School Management System

Foster better results & favorable outcomes for everyone involved.


Efficient Operations

Automates administrative tasks, enhances communication between stakeholders, improves operational efficiency & reduces cost, ultimately leading to better academic outcomes and institutional growth.

Spend More Time With Students & Less On Administrative Concerns

Reclaim precious moments for student engagement
& inspiring learning experiences with PowerSchool Neverskip school management system.


Attendance Management System

Track & manage student attendance

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Exam Management System

Manage and conduct exams with ease.

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Fee Management System

Streamline fee collection & management.

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Feedback Management System

Gather and analyze parent feedback.

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Inventory Management System

Control and monitor school inventory.

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Learning Management System

Organize and facilitate online learning.

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Library Management System

Manage and track library resources.

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Parents Teacher

Parent Teacher Communication System

Facilitate better connect between key stakeholders.

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Payroll Management System

Manage school employee payroll efficiently.

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Student Information System

Get all your student information at your fingertips.

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Student Result Management System

Evaluate exam results with ease.

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Time Table Software

Create and manage school schedules.

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Transport Management System

Track school fleet in real-time.

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Visitor Management System

Monitor and track school visitors.

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Schoology Learning - K-12 Learning Management System

A centralized hub for personalized teaching and learning that connects teachers, students, and families in a single platform.


Enable teachers to create customized assessments.

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Mastery Reporting

Detailed insight into student’s progress.

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Professional Development

Collaborate with your peers nearby, throughout your institution, and across the globe.

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Systemwide Communication

Message every student, educator, administrator at once.

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Course Analytics

Track progress of students within specific courses.

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Academic Dashboard

Provides educators with a centralized platform to monitor and manage.

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App Center

Access to high-quality instructional and management applications.

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Automated Grading

Saves teachers time by automating inputting grades.

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Workload Planning

View all of the work assigned to a particular student.

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Parent Portal

Provides parents with access to their child's academic information.

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Tried and Loved by Schools

Join thousands of schools already using our school management system.

I truly find Neverskip to be a blessing for our school. Educational institutes are loaded with data from circulars, admission, attendance, fee records and so much more. Manual or paper-based management meant we had to allocate one person to exclusively go through all the data and create reports. Undoubtedly, this was a time-consuming task. Neverskip has transformed all of this with a tap of a button. On a daily basis, school management becomes a lot simpler with Neverskip.

Dr. Sheela Ragavan
Head, Darwin Public School

Sr. Melissa A C

Mount Carmel, Mangalore

Attendance Management System

Neverskip is a true boon to our educational institution. It has helped us establish a connect with our parents and simplified our school management in the blink of an eye.

Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju

IDA Scudder, Vellore

Attendance Management System

We've been using Neverskip for a few months now, and it has made our lives so much easier. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and it has helped us streamline all of our administrative tasks.

Tanveer Ahmed

Mitra Academy, Bangalore

Attendance Management System

Before Neverskip, we were using a mishmash of different software programs to manage operations. It was a nightmare. But now that we've switched to Neverskip, we feel like we have everything under control.

Fr. Suresh Britto

St. Peters, Jamamu

Attendance Management System

Neverskip has made it easier for our teachers to track student progress, and communicate with parents. It has really improved our school's operations and day-to-day functioning.

Awards & Recognition

We innovate to improve the way the world works and lives and create an impact on the world
through our technology. We’re proud of how far we have come and what we have achieved together.

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Most Promising Ed Tech Platform Awarded by We Expo, India, 2021

<img src=

Glorious 10 For completing 10 years serving the education sector exclusively – awarded by Edutech Global Summit India, 2018

<img src=

Fastest Growing Edutech Company India-awarded by Digital Mantra Conclave, 2017

<img src=

Communication Sovereign For providing seamless communication app for school-awarded by Tech Forum South India, 2016

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Discover uber-useful tips and tricks designed to make your life easier.
Who knew managing a school could be so much fun?

Neverskip School Management software


Supercharge your school's operations and unlock unparalleled efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! What do you need help with?

PowerSchool Neverskip is a one-stop school management system that automates all manual administrative and academic tasks such as communication, admission management, fees, student assignments, attendance, payroll, report cards, transport, and much more.

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial of our school management system for you to experience its benefits firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of PowerSchool Neverskip products.

We certainly do, PowerSchool Neverskip personnel will offer training to the admins and staff who are involved in handling the software.

Our support system consists of two tiers: a dedicated Customer Support Officer (CSO) who regularly visits your school for assistance, and an Account Manager who provides backend support and coordination for a seamless customer experience.

Our specialty lies in delivering cost-effective services, coupled with exceptional technical expertise and support. With a remarkable 95% retention rate, PowerSchool Neverskip consistently surpasses client expectations and service levels for over 13 years, ensuring utmost satisfaction.