Equal Opportunity Policy

PowerSchool NeverSkip is committed to providing equal opportunities throughout employment including in the recruitment, training, and development of employees (including promotion, transfers, assignments, and beliefs). We prohibit discrimination in the workplace whether on grounds of gender, marital or domestic partnership status, pregnancy, career responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, national or ethnic origins, religious belief, disability, or age. Our objective is to attract job applications and applications for development from the best possible candidates and to retain the best people.

Hiring Practices and Policies:
In PowerSchool NeverSkip, all positions are open for persons with disabilities. Application forms will be made available in alternate formats or help will be provided in filling in the application forms based on request. All job applicants would be measured against the key selection criteria taking into account provisions for reasonable adjustment. The key selection criteria would include only the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities regarded as essential for performing the functions of the job. Applicants invited for an interview should be informed in advance if they require any individual support or assistance prior to the interview.

Reasonable Accommodation:
PowerSchool NeverSkip shall ensure to provide reasonable accommodation, whenever necessary, for qualified employees or job applicants who have disabilities, as per the Act. Such accommodation would be provided:

1) to ensure equal opportunity in the application and selection process,
2) to enable an employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of a job, and

3) to enable an employee with a disability to enjoy the same benefits and privileges of employment as non-disabled employees. Examples of reasonable accommodation may include (but not limited to) acquiring or modifying equipment or devices, modifying assessment and training materials, modifying work schedules, and reassignment to a vacant position. Employees or job applicants who require such accommodation should write to the management, providing the details of their requirements.

Employee Engagement and Social Inclusion:
PowerSchool NeverSkip will endeavor to make all company events and meetings inclusive by ensuring that these are conducted at accessible venues with a provision of reasonable accommodation being available to employees with disabilities.

Special Leave:
An employee’s request for extra leave, for a reason related to her/his disability, will be treated as a request for reasonable accommodation and will be evaluated accordingly.

Training and Career development:
PowerSchool NeverSkip will endeavor to provide course materials meant for induction and training in accessible formats on request. The request for reasonable accommodation, such as assistive aids, accessible training venue, accessible materials, interpreter etc. should be placed at least (one week prior) to the scheduled date of commencement of induction/training.

Facilities, Amenities and Conformation with Accessibility Norms:
PowerSchool NeverSkip aims to ensure that our physical infrastructure (buildings, furniture, facilities and services in the building and transportation) adheres to accessibility standards as prescribed by the Act. Any new facility that is built or renovated or leased or rented will be evaluated for compliance with accessibility standards as per the Act. Any employee facing accessibility issues should report to the facilities team at their location or write to the management.

Travel, Stay and Transport
For official travel, employees with disabilities will be provided accessible modes of transport and accessible guest houses and hotels.

Grievance Redressal & Harassment Prevention:
PowerSchool NeverSkip will view very seriously any acts of discriminatory conduct committed by an employee (which includes harassment, vilification and victimization). It constitutes a disciplinary offence in respect of which you may, in appropriate circumstances, be dismissed.

We shall continue to:

  1. Ensure a disabled friendly workplace.
  2. Ensure that all employees are aware of this policy and know their duties and rights in relation to the policy; and
  3. Develop proactive strategies to prevent discrimination and harassment.