Student Result
Management System

Cut down the time taken for exam evaluations, mark calculation, and report card generation by 50% using PowerSchool Neverskip’s intuitive student result management system.


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    Features of PowerSchool Neverskip Examination Management System

    Uncomplicate the process of managing exam results with our student result management system.

    Easy Report Card Generation

    Create fully customizable, data-driven, insightful exam report cards from our 100+ templates to reduce time taken on manual mark entry process.

    Mark Entry Made Easy

    Our result management system simplifies the process of entering marks by providing an option for all types of mark calculations. It also offers the flexibility of creating infographic representations according to your specific requirements, regardless of the educational board.

    Performance Analysis

    Our result management system is designed to help teachers analyze and compare student results with past performance. By getting their hands on valuable information on student progress, teachers can support those students who might need extra help.

    Design Impactful Report Cards

    Design customizable report cards as per your schools’ needs. You can choose to publish them in color or black & white on the app and portal. Additionally, various options such as pre-printed, A4, A5, and photos are available.

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    Save Time And Simplify Your

    Schools’s Result Generation Process

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    Key Benefits of PowerSchool Neverskip Result Management System


    Simplifies Mark Calculation


    Allows Mark Entry from Mobile Devices & Laptops

    Result Generation

    Automates Result Generation

    Manual Effort

    Saves Time On Manual Effort


    Reduces Risk of Errors in Mark Calculation


    Highly Customizable Workflows


    Track Student Progress On Regular Basis


    Get Access to Detailed Insights On Performance

    Tried and Loved by Schools

    Join thousands of schools already using our student result management system.

    I truly find Neverskip to be a blessing for our school. Educational institutes are loaded with data from circulars, admission, attendance, fee records and so much more. Manual or paper-based management meant we had to allocate one person to exclusively go through all the data and create reports. Undoubtedly, this was a time-consuming task. Neverskip has transformed all of this with a tap of a button. On a daily basis, school management becomes a lot simpler with Neverskip.

    Dr. Sheela Ragavan
    Head, Darwin Public School

    Sr. Melissa A C

    Mount Carmel, Mangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip is a true boon to our educational institution. It has helped us establish a connect with our parents and simplified our school management in the blink of an eye.

    Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju

    IDA Scudder, Vellore

    Attendance Management System

    We've been using Neverskip for a few months now, and it has made our lives so much easier. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and it has helped us streamline all of our administrative tasks.

    Tanveer Ahmed

    Mitra Academy, Bangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Before Neverskip, we were using a mishmash of different software programs to manage operations. It was a nightmare. But now that we've switched to Neverskip, we feel like we have everything under control.

    Fr. Suresh Britto

    St. Peters, Jamamu

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip has made it easier for our teachers to track student progress, and communicate with parents. It has really improved our school's operations and day-to-day functioning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello! What do you need help with?

    A student result management system is a software that automates the process of result generation, including mark calculation, report card generation, and analysis of student performance.

    A student result management system can offer several benefits for your school, including automation of mark entry, customization of report cards, detailed insights on student performance, and better planning

    Our result management system is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple interface that makes it easy for teachers, students, and parents to access result-related information, from a single place.

    PowerSchool Neverskip result management system provides role-based access control to ensure the security of result-related data.

    Yes, PowerSchool Neverskip result management system provides parents with access to result-related information, enabling them to monitor their child's progress and performance

    Yes, we provide an option to import existing student data into PowerSchool Neverskip result management system, making it easy for your school to get started with the system.

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