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Parent feedback is critical to a school's functioning. Our feedback management system measures & reviews parent feedback to improve academic experiences and parent satisfaction.


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    Features of PowerSchool Neverskip Feedback Management System

    Gain the trust and confidence of parents with our feedback and complaint management system.

    Feedback submission

    Our feedback management system let parents submit their feedback effortlessly. It offers options for anonymous feedback submission, ensuring parents feel comfortable expressing their opinions without any concerns about confidentiality.Additionally, parents can track the progress of their feedback, ensuring transparency in the process

    Real-time notifications

    Our software sends immediate notifications or acknowledgments to parents upon submitting their feedback, keeping them informed about the status and progress of their submissions. This proactive approach ensures parents' voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed promptly, fostering a strong parent-school relationship built on transparency and responsiveness.

    Enhances Parent Engagement

    Our feedback management system creates an open and supportive environment, where parents' input is valued, leading to meaningful improvements and a positive school experience for all. It fosters a strong sense of commitment, demonstrates genuine care by actively listening to parental concerns, and cultivates a collaborative partnership between parents and the school.

    Two-way Communication

    Our feedback management system facilitates effective communication between parents and school staff, allowing for discussions, clarifications, and resolutions related to feedback. It strengthens the school's responsiveness and commitment to providing an enriching educational journey for every student.

    Complaint Management System

    In addition to general feedback, our system has specific features for managing and addressing complaints, ensuring that each complaint is handled promptly and transparently. This proactive approach reinforces a culture of trust and accountability, empowering parents with the knowledge that their concerns are prioritized and resolved with utmost care and consideration.

    Attendance Management System

    Instill a Feeling of Confidence in Parents by

    Utilizing Our Feedback Management System

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    Key Benefits of PowerSchool Neverskip School Time Table Software

    Empowers Parents

    Empowers Parents


    Improves Communication Between Parents & Schools


    Increases Parental Engagement

    Parent Satisfaction Level

    Improves Parent Satisfaction Level

    Parent Satisfaction Level

    Strengthened Parent-School Partnership


    Proactive Issue Resolution


    Improves Educational Experiences


    Enhances School Reputation

    Tried and Loved by Schools

    Join thousands of schools already using our feedback management system.

    I truly find Neverskip to be a blessing for our school. Educational institutes are loaded with data from circulars, admission, attendance, fee records and so much more. Manual or paper-based management meant we had to allocate one person to exclusively go through all the data and create reports. Undoubtedly, this was a time-consuming task. Neverskip has transformed all of this with a tap of a button. On a daily basis, school management becomes a lot simpler with Neverskip.

    Dr. Sheela Ragavan
    Head, Darwin Public School

    Sr. Melissa A C

    Mount Carmel, Mangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip is a true boon to our educational institution. It has helped us establish a connect with our parents and simplified our school management in the blink of an eye.

    Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju

    IDA Scudder, Vellore

    Attendance Management System

    We've been using Neverskip for a few months now, and it has made our lives so much easier. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and it has helped us streamline all of our administrative tasks.

    Tanveer Ahmed

    Mitra Academy, Bangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Before Neverskip, we were using a mishmash of different software programs to manage operations. It was a nightmare. But now that we've switched to Neverskip, we feel like we have everything under control.

    Fr. Suresh Britto

    St. Peters, Jamamu

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip has made it easier for our teachers to track student progress, and communicate with parents. It has really improved our school's operations and day-to-day functioning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello! What do you need help with?

    A feedback management system enables schools or educational institutes to collect, analyze, and act upon feedback from various parents or guardians.

    A feedback management system is important as it allows schools to gather valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, improve educational experiences, enhance parent satisfaction, and foster continuous improvement.

    A feedback management system facilitates seamless and effective communication between parents and schools. It allows parents to express their concerns, provide feedback, and receive updates from the school, fostering a collaborative and engaged parent-school relationship.

    Yes, a feedback management system helps identify areas for improvement by collecting feedback on various aspects of the school experience. It provides insights into teaching methods, curriculum effectiveness, extracurricular activities, facilities, and overall satisfaction, helping schools focus on areas that require enhancement.

    Yes, a feedback management system can provide valuable data to measure the impact of improvement initiatives. By tracking feedback trends and comparing data over time, schools can assess the effectiveness of their actions and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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