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Communication System

Stay updated on the latest school happenings with PowerSchool Neverskip parent-teacher communication system, fostering greater connectivity and engagement between parents and teachers.


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    Features of PowerSchool Neverskip Parent Teacher Communication System

    Promote a more connected and engaged school community with PowerSchool Neverskip parent teacher interaction.

    Keep Parents Informed

    Notify parents about the latest happenings and events through reminders on various mediums such as SMS, voice, E-mail, WhatsApp, the PowerSchool Neverskip app, and the ERP portal integrated with the school website.

    Simplify Communication & Boost Engagement

    Leverage the PowerSchool Neverskip mobile app to send push notifications, attach event photos, videos, and web links from your mobile, tab, or web portal. Stay effortlessly connected with the parents, ensuring no important update goes unnoticed.

    Send Bulk SMS Without Character Limits

    Take advantage of PowerSchool Neverskip Open SMS template to send bulk SMS for different scenarios with built-in customizable options. The best part? There’s no character restriction to limit your message.

    Official Whatsapp Integration

    Establish an exclusive WhatsApp channel for your school, aimed at promoting constructive communication between parents and teachers via an official platform.

    Automate Messages for Reminders & Special Days

    Send personal messages to parents about fee dues, attendance alerts, emergency alerts, event alerts, timetable alerts, meeting alerts, staff anniversary wishes, transport alerts, birthday wishes, and more.

    Monitor Messages

    Keep a record of your communication history with the option to stop, resend, block, or forward messages. Enjoy complete control and flexibility over your interactions for seamless communication management. Stay organized and in control of your messaging.

    Detailed Reports

    Receive comprehensive and precise reports on communication delivery that include timestamps and detailed explanations for message failures

    Safe & Secure Communication

    Engage in secure and confidential communication with staff and parents, without disclosing their contact numbers.

    Parent Teacher Communication System

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    Key Benefits of PowerSchool Neverskip Parent-Teacher Communication System

    Parent Involvement

    Greater Parent Involvement


    School Culture


    Better Student

    Parents & Teachers

    Saves Time for Both Parents & Teachers


    Reduces Dependence On In-person Meetings




    Customizable and Personalized Messaging


    Increased Parent Satisfaction

    Tried and Loved by Schools

    Join thousands of schools already using our parent teacher communication system.

    I truly find Neverskip to be a blessing for our school. Educational institutes are loaded with data from circulars, admission, attendance, fee records and so much more. Manual or paper-based management meant we had to allocate one person to exclusively go through all the data and create reports. Undoubtedly, this was a time-consuming task. Neverskip has transformed all of this with a tap of a button. On a daily basis, school management becomes a lot simpler with Neverskip.

    Dr. Sheela Ragavan
    Head, Darwin Public School

    Sr. Melissa A C

    Mount Carmel, Mangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip is a true boon to our educational institution. It has helped us establish a connect with our parents and simplified our school management in the blink of an eye.

    Dr. Ravish Sanghi Raju

    IDA Scudder, Vellore

    Attendance Management System

    We've been using Neverskip for a few months now, and it has made our lives so much easier. The software is intuitive and easy to use, and it has helped us streamline all of our administrative tasks.

    Tanveer Ahmed

    Mitra Academy, Bangalore

    Attendance Management System

    Before Neverskip, we were using a mishmash of different software programs to manage operations. It was a nightmare. But now that we've switched to Neverskip, we feel like we have everything under control.

    Fr. Suresh Britto

    St. Peters, Jamamu

    Attendance Management System

    Neverskip has made it easier for our teachers to track student progress, and communicate with parents. It has really improved our school's operations and day-to-day functioning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello! What do you need help with?

    A parent-teacher communication system facilitates effective parents and teachers conversation, providing a platform for sharing information, updates, and feedback.

    PowerSchool Neverskip parent-teacher communication system provides easy access to important student information, ensuring that they are fully informed about their child’s academic journey.

    A parent-teacher communication system can benefit teachers by streamlining their communication with parents and providing a central platform for sharing important information about their students. It can help teachers provide targeted support, leading to improved academic outcomes.

    PowerSchool Neverskip parent-teacher communication system can benefit schools by improving parental involvement and increasing teacher efficiency.

    Certainly! We provide a trial period for our system, allowing you to experience its advantages firsthand. You can sign up for the trial and access all of our system's features and functionalities.

    PowerSchool Neverskip is the #No.1 ERP for schools in India. It is an all-in-one school management system with products such as a learning management system, fee management system, library management system, exam management system, attendance management system, transport management system, and more.

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